Shedrow K9 Flash Collar Cover | DOG6642 | Greenhawk

Shedrow K9 Flash Collar Cover

Product Code : DOG6642

Price: $9.62

  • A perfect addition to every dog’s wardrobe. The Shedrow K9 Flash Collar Cover is an ultra-light, high visibility collar wrap, perfect for use on night walks or on the trail to increase visibility. The Collar Cover features Velcro® closures at each end for easy on/off of your dog’s existing collar. Complete with flashing LED lights with three stages (slow, fast or solid), florescent colour and reflective detailing.

    • Ultra-Light
    • Highly Visible
    • Velcro® Closures for Easy On/Off
    • Flashing LED Lights
    • Florescent Colour
    • Reflective Detailing