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Back On Track Dog Rug - Small

Product Code : DOG0135

Price: $66.66

  • The Dog Rug is a great option to help your dog look and feel great all year round!

    • Black polyester fabric which is both water resistant and breathable
    • Lined with Back on Track's ceramic fabric on the inside
    • Reflectors on both sides of the rug.
    • Adjustable main opening and over the withers so as to get the best fit possible
    • Elastic leg ties in the back
    • Opening at the neck in order to fasten a leash
    • A pull tie for the tail is included in case the tail points upwards
    • Care
    • Machine washable up to 86°F or 30°C.
    • Air dry only
    • Fit
    • 20",21",23",24",27",29",13",34",37"