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Back On Track Loin Blanket

Product Code : BLS4002

Price: $74.07

  • Back On Track Loin Blanket By using Back on Track products when the horse is exercising you will optimise the Back on Track-effect far more than when the horse is standing still in its horsebox. This is because the horse produces more heat during exercise which is then reflected back due to the Back on Track ceramic fabric. The Loin Rug product is ideal for use during activity, which is why it makes an excellent addition to a regular stables blanket overnight. The Loin Rug has an interior polypropylene fabric lining infused with melted ceramic fibres and an exterior fabric made of polyester. The rug is breathable and can take a certain amount of water or dampness. The rug is equipped with a tail strap and a back tie. The rug is attached to the saddle with a simple clasp.
    • Care
    • Clean as needed
    • Machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius
    • Air dry, no tumble dry
    • Use
    • For use during exercise
    • Underneath a stable blanket