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Shedrow Fleece Cooler

Product Code : BLC1634

Price: $51.84

  • An Excellent quality mid weight cooler, the Shedrow Fleece is excellent for daily cool out use. Designed with the heaviest weight fleece on the market makes for a luxurious feel and ensures long wear properties. An excellent all around value!
    • 460gm weight fleece
    • Anti-pilling
    • 1 inch nylon binding
    • Complete with all ties
    • One size fits most
    • Care
    • Clean as needed
    • Machine wash
    • Hang To Dry
    • Use
    • For cooling out after exercise
    • Trophy quality
    • Suitable for embroidering
    • Fit
    • Loose fit
    • Standard cooler size: 84" x 90"

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